We are a company specialized in TELE DIAGNOSTICS, providing services for Latin America.
We have a team of medical specialists in Diagnostic Imaging as well as local partners to be able to provide a fast, affordable and high-quality service to meet the demand of our clients.


- Magnetic Resonancy Imaging (MRI)

- Computed Tomography (CT)

- Radiology (RX)

- Nuclear Medicine Imaging (NMI)


To be able to generate reports in time, form and guaranteeing their quality, the life cycle of our processes is divided into four parts:


Meeting with the client: we agree with the client what their needs are and how we will deliver the service.


Documentation: images and all relevant information from each study are received for subsequent analysis by our specialized medical team.


Reports: The individual report is delivered as agreed with the client, either using the client’s management system, our own system or any other means previously agreed upon at the initial meeting.


Communication: If necessary, throughout the process we maintain fluid contact with doctors and technicians to generate the correct report.


Economic: by having a structure dedicated purely and exclusively to generating reports, we can offer more competitive prices.

Speed: We have a team of more than 40 medical specialists in Diagnostic Imaging as well as sub specialists who allow us to report in less than 48 hours, ensuring accurate diagnosis and the highest quality of service.

Single point of contact: Unlike the standard in the current market where a Diagnostic Center or clinic manages a staff of more than 30 individual external medical providers, the client will only have a single point of contact, facilitating all operational and administrative work.

Low risk: Being an external provider, the client will not depend on individuals and their complications, nor does it have the risk of having employees on payroll.

24/7 on call: We have a 24/7 emergency service which, when necessary, allows us to deliver a report within 12 hours.